New Oregon Arts & Letters

And now for something completely different.

We're closing our doors. What? Really? Yes. Really. Portland, thank you for all the support, art, love, fabulousness, weirdness, struggle, words, music, films, festivals, diatribes, sensory overload, beauty, absurdity, and unfettered creativity you've given us over the years. Read on below for details... xoxo -tif & the remaining new oregon crew

Remembering Steven Fritz:

Our friend, documentarian, and Board member ("Chair of Vices") Steve left a legacy of Portland and Black Rock City photography—including dozens of New Oregon-related projects.

We're working on an archive for public view right here on this site... even after the organization closes. 

Making Magazines:

While a big chunk of Amerika attempts to withdraw from that big, beautiful, badass global culture we're all part of... we've been working on Issue #31 of Plazm magazine, featuring creative scene reports from Iran, South Africa, China, Chile, Native American communities, and more. To be published under the rubric of a different nonprofit, now that we're closing up shop. 

Heavens to Murgatroid! Exit, Stage Left!

Door. Ass. Bang. As we kick ourselves out of existence, we NOAL folks are delighted to disburse our few remaining pennies to some really amazing nonprofits. More about our departure here.