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The work is more than art made, shows performed, & words written. The work is GATHER. The work is discuss. The work is laugh, share, startle, & reach.

We eat, we write, we share. We craft, we print, we dance. Art is both intimate & COMMUNITY.  No either/or: just this work, and us, now.



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vanessa astrotuf lightshadows (1 of 1).jpg

Light + Shadows



gary wiseman window lightshadows (1 of 1).jpg

Light + Shadows, a multidisciplinary event at Yoga Shala PDX.

Pictured top: Performer, artist, dancer Vanessa DeWolf in her piece. Directly above: Gary Wiseman prepares an installation.

Below: Meaghan Gannett sings; audience listens to literary readings; DJ Try My Kabbage spins; Meg McHutchison of Red Fred draws shadows with participants, including a rather fetching baby; a bewinged Grey Anne plays & sings.

Pictured above: Red Fred traces a participant's moves in shadow; Grace Constantine bellydances; Vanessa DeWolf is murdered.

Next line: Drummer drums; Amoree Lovell plays & sings; Lidia Yuknavitch reads.

And then: 2 Gyrlz co-founder Lisa Newman smiles; Jon Raymond reads his work; Michael Stirling sings ragas & plays.

Finally: Red Fred (pictured are Meg McHutchison and Christine Toth) traces more participants, ; Tiffany Lee Brown finds herself onstage in Vanessa DeWolf's performance; Lena Munday of Optic Noodle performs and projects (photo by the artist).

All photographs by Steven Fritz except where otherwise noted.